Hello esteemed reader, this will be a short paragraph of who I am and what I want this place to be!

I am currently studying architecture at the TU Delft. I am Dutch but have spent the majority of my youth in Kenya. I have spent a total of 13 years in Kenya. My first 9 years I lived in Naivasha, a small market town just beginning to encircle Lake Naivasha. My last 4 years were in the capital Nairobi to finish my primary education. After that, I, my mother and brother moved to the Netherlands so I could continue my education.
That is who I am, shortly anyway.

Over the years I have fallen in love in what I would consider my home, Kenya, and all its wonderful buildings, Parliament’s building, the Mai Mahiu Catholic Church, the wonderful Tusks in Mombasa, Malindi Airport and all the wonderful buildings that painted the canvas of my youth.

Now with the wonder of the internet, I have been able to look around the continent and world to find all the gems of buildings and how they were built. To name just a few National Theatre of Ghana, in Ghana, Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur d’Alger in Algeria, Museu de Arte de São Paulo in Brazil and so many more.

I hope that this blog can be a place that showcases ‘third world’ architecture and shows the amazing buildings that dot the landscapes. I also hope that this can help everyone who is interested in the built environment to find information and resources to discover the buildings around them. I also want to write opinionated stories about difficult issues that the ‘third world’s’ architects, artists and people are facing, you can find them in the opinion category.

Any questions, queries, and ideas are always welcome. You can send me your ideas via the Contact page.

Thanks, and enjoy!