Makerere University, Main Building

Featured Image Source: OER Africa, Under Creative Commons,

Makerere University is the largest university in Uganda and one of the most prestigious in East Africa. The university was established as a technical school in 1922 by the colonial government. It became an official university in 1949 being affiliated with the University College of London, (source).

After independence, the university became an independent national university and offered both under and postgraduate courses. The university remains one of the most important university in the country and the continent. In 2018 it ranked as the 4th best university in Africa and it the highest ranked non-South African university in Africa, (source).

The most important building in the campus of the Makerere University is the Main Building. The Main Building is located on University Road in central Kampala. The Main Building serves as the main administration building for the university and is one of the oldest buildings on the campus, (source).

The foundation of the building was laid by the Duke of Gloucester in 1938. The building was finished in 1941. The building was completed with funds from the Colonial Development burse, (source).

The building is eclectic in style, using both English colonial architecture with more European styles. The buildings floor plan it ‘T’ shaped with a large imposing tower to denote its main entrance.

Source: Fredrick Onyango, Under Creative Commons,

The building’s tower is its most recognisable architectural feature. The topmost part is bare stone with a large bell within it. This part of the tower has four arches, one on each side, to allow the sound of the bell to dissipate. The tower’s roof is steel plates, the rest of the building’s roof is covered in brick red tiles. Bellow the bare stone there is white stucco, this covers the rest of the building. The building’s corners are accentuated with bare stone as are some windows. The windows feature blue Venetian blinds, (source).

The building is one of the most recognisable buildings on the campus and stands to represent the Universities values and prestige.

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