Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Featured Image Source: F.Mira, Under Creative Commons,

This cathedral stands on the independence square in the heart of Maputo. Next to the city hall and surrounded by the busy downtown area the cathedral stands out in all the hustle and bustle of the city. The dust that blows through the city in the dry season makes the city feel gritty and harsh but the cathedral stands like a white angel guarding the city of Maputo. Its grand spire watches over every corner of the city, making sure no harm is done to it.

Its detailed facade has a tangible relief to it. An almost mosaic appearance created from intricate stained glass and petal bricks. The large windows give the interior light, colour and life and the sun shines through.

Source: F.Mira, Under Creative Commons,

It is grand and defined mainly by its strikingly white exterior. The building built by the Portuguese and finished in 1944 in an Art-Deco style and was designed by Marcial Simões de Freitas e Costa a civil engineer. The building is made up mainly of concrete and is relatively simplistic in terms of detailing.

Its large spire, with clock face and a large cross,  makes the building a landmark in the city. The large vents that allow air to flow out of the building help to regulate the internal temperature of the building. The spire also allows light into the buildings and helps to illuminate the entrance in brightly coloured waves of light.

Source: F Mira, Under Creative Commons,
Source: Alexander Leisser, Under Creative Commons,

The roof is curved and the floor plan is a traditional church cross-shape. The smoothly curved arches are in juxtaposition to the orthogonal front facade. At the end of the nave, there are three beautiful and large stain glass windows that allow light to flood into the cathedral. These incredibly detailed windows give the cathedral a pinnacle and a focal point.  The interior is coloured in white and light browns with wooden benches filling the hall. The bottom part of the walls are covered in marble. The cathedral is a true landmark of the city both inside and out.


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