The most intresting lighthouses in Tanzania

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Dar es Salaam has been a port city since it was founded by Majid bin Said of Zanzibar in 1865. The port fell into decline in the 1970’s but began to grow again after the German East African Company took over and started expanding the city and port. Dar es Salaam was the capital until 1974. Most of the lighthouses in Tanzania find themselves in or around Dar es Salaam the most important port in the country.

Ras Kanzi

One of the earliest lighthouses to be established was the Ras Kanzi. It was built by the Germans around 1897. The building is currently in ruins but used to be around 12 or 15 meters high. The tower and keepers house were connected at the base and was made of stone which was covered in stucco. The building stands the most southern point of the Zanzibar channel and stands about 35 kilometres away from Dar es Salaam. The tower had a square base with on top around light tower where the light was housed. The building is in classical style for the area with the pointed door shape. Today there stands a new automatic lighthouse that stands next to the old tower.

Source: Jarle Naustvik, Under Creative Commons,

Chumbe Lighthouse

Chumbe Lighthouse is a large lighthouse situated near Zanzibar Island on Chumbe Island. The tower was built in 1904 by the sultan of Zanzibar. It is currently one of the only towers that still uses its original light fixture. The tower is around 34 meters high and is constructed of coral blocks which are covered in a stucco-like material. The building is made up of 5 successively smaller square blocks with a window on each side. At the top, there is a round mass that holds the light fixture. A cottage and mosque were also built for the Indian keeper of the lighthouse. Currently, the island on which the lighthouse stands is a national park and a small lodge has been built around it for tourists.


Fanjove Island Lighthouse

Fanjove Island Lighthouse was established in 1894 and the current tower is from 1924. The tower is about 55 meters high. The tower sits in the centre of one long building with three windows on each side. The tower ends with a small steel dome. The building and tower are stuccoed white. The island is currently a luxury lodge and the tower is falling apart a bit but continues to be a very pretty lighthouse.

This photo of Fanjove Private Island is courtesy of TripAdvisor,

Dar es Salaam Port Control Tower

The Dar es Salaam port control tower was completed in 2007 and is one of the tallest free-standing towers in Dar es Salaam. The tower helps to get ships into the port safely and punctually. The tower is built in a post-modern style out of glass and steel mainly. The building stands at the mouth of the port of Dar es Salaam. It was built with the help of the Inter-Consult Ltd, situated within the city.

Source: David Stanley, Under Creative Commons,

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