Taipei 101

Featured Image Source: Armand du Plessis, Under Creative Commons,

Taipei 101 was not only the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2009 but it has become a social and political statement from the people of Taipei about what they as people are and what they can achieve together. The building is still a huge tourist attraction for many local and international tourist and one can easily see why. Besides its impressive size, it’s also just an architectural masterpiece. With its modern interpretation of classical Taipei architecture.

Source: peellden, Under Creative Commons,

Its form is based on the pagoda an Asian temple form and the nubs of bamboo. The name Taipei 101 refers to the hundred and one floors that the building is made up from.

The building is made up out of modules that have a narrower base than top. Each module has 8 floors and these then make up the main height of the building. The building is inspired by not only by classical architecture but also nature and its surroundings but it is more than anything an engineering feat. It has the fastest lifts in the world taking only 39 seconds to reach the top. It also has one of the largest TMD or counterweights in the world right at the top of the building. This is to stop the building swaying too much in storms. It is also one of the only TMD’s in the world that is open for viewing from the public and it is definitely worth a visit.

Source: alanlwl73, Courtesy of Trip Advisor,

It is also one of the greenest supertalls in the world having spent almost 2 million dollars in 2009 to modernise it and make it more energy-efficient. The building was designed by architect C.Y.Lee a man known for his impressive and innovative highrises.

Source: Armand du Plessis, Under Creative Commons,

The building’s designers had to overcome many design problems as Taipei is not building freindly with many harsh weather conditions and earthquakes but with solutions like the TMD the building can be considered the safest building in Taipei if not the world.

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