Bole Int’ Airport

Featured Image Source: Vob08, Under Creative Commons,

Bole International Airport, the main airport for Addis Ababa and Ethiopia recently got a new terminal (2003), with another new terminal being built at the moment. The new international terminal is an example of what can be done with glass and steel, a master class in modern architecture.

With a large amount of space, light and airiness, the terminal uses a large amount of glass on each side of the building to allow this light to flood into the building. The large steel frame roof allows the building to have a free floor plan with few columns.

The new terminal has a relatively simple tiled floor and uses neutral or white to cover the walls. The building is modern and simple.

The terminal allows a huge number of extra people to see the amazing country and experience all its sights and sounds.

In 2012 the airport announced a new expansion with a new terminal to be added. It is currently under construction but seems to be in much the same modern simple style!


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